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    Monday, July 27, 2009

    Eircom Pole removal fees

    So I was browsing the other day and I came across this interesting thread about a land owner looking for eircom to move a pole but eircom are looking for crazy money. (350e for plant survey and removal fees on top of this)

    Well it reminded me of this story Today FM covered back at the start of July 2009...

    Hi Ray and Gang,
    I thought I should forward you on this picture as possibly the worst location yet for a telecom pole, the pole is placed just in front of the window and door of my parents' new house, and was put in place after planning permission was granted but before houses were built, the best bit... Eircom are now asking for €16,000 to remove the pole. And my parents are unable to connect to water and sewage with the pole in place. The house is in Strand Street in Wicklow town.

    Love the show ,

    So basically eircom erected a pole infront of this property on the basis that a house was going to be build and eircom failed to check where this house would have its windows.

    Clearly no eircom employee actually came to look at the house after it was built to see what a stupid mistake they had made.

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