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    Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    Irish Mail On Sunday sucks at reporting about eircom

    You all know I think Eircom sucks after all that’s the reason why I started this website and have made numerous comments about Eircom on this site, and twitter.

    However none the less I'll also give credit where its due, yesterday some of you may have noticed that I tweeted about a blog post Darragh made The Irish Mail On Sunday, well here's my view on it.

    Firstly the Irish Mail on Sunday is a rag, yes I've said it and its likely pissed off its columnists including the one that wrote the story about Eircom (Hi Warren Swords).

    Secondly they can't even come up with something original as seen from The Mail On Sunday a week prior in the UK about BT's interactions with its customers, some fun reading about it here.

    So last Sunday the "Irish Mail On Sunday" ran its copy n paste job about Eircom and social networking, apparently Eircom are “stalking” its customers...I've never heard such shite in my entire life.

    You can read about it on Darragh Doyle's blog or the scan below
    As I said on twitter yesterday Eircom (as @eircomconnect) on Twitter and Facebook is a good thing, it means they are interacting with their customers in a public forum which means if they feck things up this is also seen by the public.

    So yes it can be of benefit to Eircom but it can also go bad for them if they don’t do a good job, this is a good thing as it keeps eircom or for that matter any company on its toes.

    In the past Eircom have even interacted with @eircomsucks on twitter and answered my queries, ok perhaps not as well as I would have liked but I understand the lads are "front line" agents and not managing directors.

    I personally would like to see Eircom on in the future in the same manner as Vodafone currently is, yes it won't be easy but at the end of the day its all good for the customer :)

    The Irish Mail On Sunday should be ashamed of themselves with what they are trying to pass off as "journalism" in their rag, its clear they have no understanding of how the likes of Twitter even work.

    .....before any ejits suggest I've been paid off by eircom's PR Dept you can all feck off as I'll never take a penny from the feckers.

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