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    Friday, July 18, 2008

    Eircoms Complaints Procedure & More!

    If you have an issue with eircoms phone or Broadband service and you feel your getting no where through the standard channels you may want to make a complaint.

    Please remember at all times to remain calm and civil when talking to Eircom & Comreg employees

    You can send your complaint by email (see To ensure your complaint is effectively resolved, please ensure you specify the cause of your complaint and provide your eircom account number (located at the top of your bill).
    By letter

    If you prefer to put the complaint in writing, you can send it to the following address:

    eircom Customer Care,
    5th Floor,
    Telephone House,
    Marlborough Street,
    Dublin 1.
    By fax

    If you wish to send Eircom your letter of complaint by fax, you may fax Eircom on 1800 200 480.
    By phone

    You can contact Eircoms Customer Care team directly on freefone 1800 200 481, 9am - 5.30 pm (Mon - Fri) where you can speak to one of Eircoms Customer Care Executives and register your complaint.

    The Customer Care Executive will provide his / her own name and provide you with your unique reference number and acknowledge your complaint on the phone.

    Eircom's aim is to resolve your complaint to your complete satisfaction. Our Customer Care Executive will resolve your complaint as quickly as possible, preferably during your phone call. If this is not possible we will inform you of the length of time we expect it to take to investigate and resolve the complaint.

    Make sure will all above process that you get a reference number for your complaint, if you find after the period Eircom stated your complaint would be resolve or you find its still ongoing after about 14 working days you may go to Comreg by emailing while also :

    a) including your Eircom reference
    b) request a comreg complaints reference number

    Go from their then.

    If any details are incorrect or need to be removed etc please e-mail info[AT]


    Anonymous said...

    I live in Annaghdown CoGalway . 12miles from galway city our internet is not as advertised by you as it flickers on and off all day but it is even worse in the evenings when everyone is home . Last night we tried to watch a program on net flicks and 5 time in 45 mins we lost the internet it often takes two day to see a full movie you are charging us for unreliable internet and we also have to pay for netflix. My daughter stays late in college to do her course work as if she does it at home you don't know when the internet will go and she could lose all her work or if it doesn't come back she could be late with her college deadline . More neighbours have the same problem and we have all changed modems done all the checks but simple fact is there are too many users on the same line so we get a crap service I would be very grateful if someone could organise an up grade of our line as the service is now worse then it was 2 years ago . Thank you Breda Leonard

    Anonymous said...

    hello we also have problem with eircom -we are new customer and customer service on 1st place said that we can have special offer e24 fpr 1st half year but month after we got bill 41 euro i rang to customer service to find out what is going on they said that we are not new generation-so 1st we got wrong information second what about braking contract by eircom they wanto charge us that we dont wanto stay with them fee. is 350 ?? for what -our speed is down.0.93 upl 0.08 are we braking contract or them if they not provide what they should and next funny issue i can plug laptop to speakers and listen other people conversation on the phone time to time-technic. service is not help full at all all advise are use less and they just offer us in customer service to change our option for more expensive-we have 1 laptop so speed that we should get would be enough to run internet with no problems -do we have a right to brake contract and not be charge for that 350 i think we do as we dont have service as we should have not at all

    peadar macken said...

    The Coalition Government have declared a state of emergeny following reports of a lone happy eircom customer wandering around the bogs of Allen. The emergency services including armed response units, Helicopters have cordoned off the area. A Government spokesman has stated that this is an isolated incident and that the liklihood of two happy eircom customers residing within the state are very remote. The deployment of the emergency services is a precautionary measure and that it is hoped the eircom will be back to their usual incompetance self in the very near future. The spokesman pleaded with the public not to approach this delirous specimen but to report all sightings to the authorities who are fully trained and equipped to deal with this situation

    Disgruntled Eircom Customer said...

    EIRCOM RUBBISH CUSTOMER SERVICE - I was on the phone today for 30 minutes trying to track two phones and I was transferred 10 times, the quality of their service matches the quality of their line which is so noisey and full of interference its actually impossible to hear what their staff are saying to you, i can not understand how this company survives.

    peadar macken said...

    Eircom is a joke. Don't touch them

    Anonymous said...

    yep a joke is not what id refer to them' A new coustomer or so i though waiting 7 days to recieve confirmation on my new account, went into shop week later only to find the girl had taken down my number incorrectly on top of that the tecnition had sent message to wrong phone to let me no he was arriving to my address on the monday morning to conect us as' we were in the shop at that time of his arrival the girl whom had taken the wrong details from me originally rung eircom customer care up to let them no that she had taken the wrong number down and to let the tecnition no why we were not there, she than asked them to organise another day for connection to happen only to be told it would take a coupple of days which was fine by me the following day my modume and letter confirming my bank account details turned up at my address so i went down to other eircom shop in Blackpool and asked the assistant there if the tecnicion would still be coming out as i could connect the modem myself the girl said no he would'nt be coming out. i than told her that we had no line even though we were given a phone number and it did ring but not in our house so she rang customer serivces it took half an hour for them to tell us that the house was connected up to my neighbours even though it was an empty house and the tecnition had gone there insead of our house, what had happened was someone internally in aircom had e-mailed the tecnition with the wrong address and than tryed to fob us off with a load of bull blaiming other people for messing it up. by than my husband was glowing a deep purple so we left. the following day we went back to the original girl explained what had happened she than was able to bring up the details that had been given to the tecnition and YEP' it was the wrong address so they cancelled my account saying there was no one living at this address so an empty house has our conection and it still rings today..

    charlie ryan said...

    I am absolutely appalled by my treatment by your Company, I am also appalled that you are only dealing with one part of my complaint and not including the service and billing issues that I raise.

    To compound this ongoing issue let me enlighten you on some further problems I am having with your organisation;

    I called your office to advise that I was moving overseas and renting out my department and wanted to transfer the account over to my tenant who is renting out my house. I was advised that I could only transfer the contract over to a family member. Otherwise I would have to cancel the contract, pay a penalty fee of 340 and my tenant take out a new contract. I queried this and asked for a Manager to call me back. Robert form your Customer Loyalty team called me back, agreed it was not a great policy and would look into the matter to see if anything could be done. Robert very kindly rang me back at the close of business and advised the matter was still on going and would call me the following week. This never happened.

    I then rang your company again and spoke with Louise in your Customer Loyalty department, Thursday 1st October who promised to raise the issue with senior management and promised to call me back. I received no call back. I called Louise again Friday 2nd October who apologised and promised to call me back, again no call back. I called Louise again on Monday 5th October only to be told that nothing could be done. I then said I wanted to cancel the contract and was advised that I would have to accept the penalty verbally before that could happen which I was not happy to do. I was promised a call back the next day and that did not happen

    I called the call centre again this morning, I spoke to one of your agents and explained my issue in detail yet again, this time I insisted on staying on the line until I had spoken with a Manager, he put me on hold for 40 minutes, clearly unable or unwilling to deal with my call.

    I hung up and called again and this time Louise answered as she was taking overflow calls, Louise explained there was nothing she could do. I explained that I was completely unhappy with the lack of service and general run around that I was receiving. I told Louise that I was annoyed that Robert had not called me back.

    In fairness Robert did call me back 10 minutes later and explained he had been out of the office and that he was unable to resolve the situation to my satisfaction.

    I want to register that out of all the calls I have had to make to you company the only two people who have really endeavoured to help me are Louise and Robert, however clearly the are not empowered to do anything.

    After speaking with Robert I have decided to leave the service as is for the moment, though I am extremely unhappy that I have to do this, particularly as my house is now rented out.
    Almost every individual I have spoken to in your organisation has no idea about Customer Service, there is a complete and distinct lack of available Mangers to speak to if there is a complaint that needs to be escalated.

    Actually as a Customer Service Manager myself, in the Financial Services sector I genuinely feel sorry for your staff, it is your senior Management that should bear the brunt of this complain and I would challenge then to spend a day working in that environment.

    Ideally what I want is one person to review my complaints from beginning to end. The outcome I want is to be able to close my account with no cost to myself offsetting the cost of the double billing that occurred with UPC against the early release penalty.

    I also want some sort of recognition of the completer lack of service that I have received and confirmation that Ciaran Fanning has been made aware of this complaint on some level.

    And irony of ironies I received the Eir welcome pack today, my observation is, get your act together before you rebrand.

    Kind Regards,

    Charlie Ryan

    Mick Howard said...

    Eir are the worst. Been with them since 2010/2011 Paying 50+ a month and only getting between 1 and 4 MBPS (When I rang customer care they told me that speed was good) Fucking idiots! The phone line is also terrible quality as it crackles and cannot hear anything worst company and oh yeah FUCK DENNIS O BRIEN he now owns EIR so its no wonder were not getting our monies worth!

    Stuart Martin said...

    I am trying to email eir and it's not letting me there service is a joke no email is valid

    Stuart Martin said...

    Has anyone got valid email address for eir

    Mercedes carbayo-abengozar said...

    I have been around for a while and I can definitely confirm that I have never had to deal with such and appalling telephone company. They are completely useless, they lie, they are rude and they do not reply to your formal letters.
    Please, avoid them like the plague...

    Marcus Love said...
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    Marcus Love said...

    Well, I'll add my story too. They overcharged us for over a year. We didn't find out about it until the yearly bank statement came out and discovered two direct debit numbers were being charged to our account by Eircom. We called them up about it. They were so sorry and said they would look into it and stop any future overcharging. Well...a few weeks later, still no response, I saw they stole money from us again on the bank statement. They didn't even stop the 'error' that they promised they would. When we called them again, they said file paperwork with the bank, we can't send you a check to return your stolen money because of our policies of data protection. Honestly, at this point I'm beginning to wonder if it is an honest mistake, and they are really blatantly trying to steal money. I'm going to call them again today(and use up more of my time and money which I'm sure they won't reimburse me for), and thanks to this site, I now know who else to call if they still refuse to give us back the money they stole.

    Zepharia Andres said...

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    sirking said...

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    franck legoupil said...

    Couple days ago, a nice young lady came at my door to offer the latest fast fibre from
    I did ask the speed they were offering, Holy mother, 20 M and they dare calling this FAST fibre.
    She was speaking of speed "up to", this DO NOT MEANS anything. What are those commercial methods?
    I did ask the upload speed, Holy mother, 30 M, is this a joke lads?
    I did ask for the ratio, the poor girl didn't knew what I was speaking about. I ask where was the Demarc, No idea neither.
    I did ask the price of they nice bundle, E45 per month. Hallo, wakey wakey Eircom.

    Fibre shouldn't be less than 100 M with Fibre to my House (Not on the main road with copper to the end). Maximum shouldn't be more than E 30 per month (very generous here).

    On top of this, I don't forget that I will need to purchase another Router knowing that the one provided is a piece of garbage. The cost of this will be over E200.

    To make a long story short lads, I WILL never ever do Business with you. You're lyers, your service is absolutely shockingly poor. Your commercials are not trained properly and your methods are from another time.

    Welcome to the 21st century Eircom and ADIEU


    Can't StandBullshitters!!! said...

    What a gobshite you are?

    franck legoupil said...

    If you wish :)

    Anonymous said...

    I have tryed for 45 minutes to get to talk to someone about my mobile speed its H+ and they said it will be 4G I am finding it very hard if not impossible to talk to anyone not happy

    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    M an ex customer service advisor, ask me..