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    Friday, July 11, 2008

    No Surprise! Dial-up still "popular" in Ireland

    This is honestly no surprise, its nothing to do with people choosing dialup over Broadband and its more to do with people have NO CHOICE when it comes to using dialup over Broadband because they just can't get Broadband!

    Its certainly not popular...popular is used incorrectly its more to do with no other available internet access for most people.

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    Taken from:

    Some 35 percent of Irish internet users go online using a dial-up connection, far higher than the European average of just 12 percent.

    That's according to the European Commission's 'E-communications Household Survey', which shows that although Ireland's PC penetration rate (58 percent) and internet penetration rate (49 percent) are on a par with the average European rate, our broadband take-up still lags behind. Broadband penetration in Ireland stands at 20 percent, well below the European average of 36 percent.

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